Palmyra Surveys

Data collection and Analysis Platform for Development Project and Market Research 


Solution outlines:

  • Flexibility to design any questionnaire you need.
  • Direct analysis for MCQs, Numeric.
  • Extracting data for extra analysis (extract data in Excel format to use it in SPSS)

Solution components:

  • Survey Android Application as a Front-End.
  • System Back end (Odoo, PostgreSQL).
  • BI and Reporting Engine (Jedox BI).


Features and details:

  • No delay, collect and see it now.
  • Supervise data collection in real time
  • Data can be collected from many locations
    and uploaded to HQ immediately.
  • compulsory questions can’t be skipped
  • Data collected and uploaded immediately
  • You can see analysis ASA you collect data
  • Time and location for any answer is validated by GPS
  • Build informed decision, because you get the information you need to make the right decision in the right time

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