Palmyra BI

Distribution and Business Intelligence Platform (base on Odoo ERP System).


Solution outlines:

  • Informed decisions - real time sales teams virtual supervision.
  • Correlates scattered data for business intelligence.
  • Manage sales coverage.
  • Turn distribution team into network drive testers.

Solution components:

  • Sales Android Application.
  • Survey and Audit Android Application.
  • System Back end (Odoo, PostgreSQL).
  • BI and Reporting Engine (Base on SpagoBI).

Features and details:

  • Converts the distribution force to business intelligence force.
  • Sales app:
    • GPS for all transaction and automated network data gathering.
    • Real time tracking for Sales Rep.
    • Transaction Location Restriction base on PoS using GPS
    • Sales report per Block, Using Colors to show increase or decline in sales in compare with previous periods. Using size of circles to show relative amount of sales per block
  • Supervisions app: GPS for all activities, tracing for all scratch cards with serial no., configurable surveys, and automated network data gathering.
  • Web app: user friendly interface, including: Point of sales, Inventory, Surveys, Reporting, Discussion, Calendar, and Setting.
  • Detailed data about any point of sale, with map in the same page.

BI reports:

  • Charts reporting tool with configurable dashboard, and easy interface to create more reports.
  • Reports:
    • Market Share per Block.
    • Market Size per Block.
    • Competitors PoS recording.
    • Signal Tracker.
    • BTS count per block (competitors).
    • Investment optimization Reports per Block (coverage improvement, distribution improvement or marketing activities)
    • PoS stock level.
    • PoS classification , assessment & Critical PoS.
    • Sales Tracker.
    • Sales details reports.
    • Signal Tracker.
    • BTS count per block (competitors).
    • Sales Block Report.

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