Palmyra Auditor

Software tool for operators to manage and audit service providers’ work.


Solution Outlines:

  • Used in two ways: with providers in operations, and in audit activates for quality control.
  • By documenting Time and Location for every action, operators can monitor and improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Provides evidence that help for contractor appraisal, rewords or penalties.

Features and details:

  • Use Android application to collect data and send work orders.
  • No need for internet connection during action time, only during synchronization with backend.
  • Data location and time is documented by GPS.
  • Text and Pictures can be collected.
  • GIS reporting for all WO and Audit operations.

Solution components:

  • Sales Android Application.
  • Survey and Audit Android Application.
  • System Back end (Odoo, PostgreSQL).
  • BI and Reporting Engine (Base on SpagoBI).


  • Activities location can be shown in the map
  • Aggregation for locations when zoom out
  • Many reports can be created.
  • Direct integration with data collected.

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